Mondrian Wall

Online CfE Tracking and monitoring

Hello Depute with responsibility in your school for tracking and monitoring :-)

Shouldn't it be you, rather than the system, that controls and defines tracking and monitoring in your school?

Tracking and monitoring, your way

Progress is an online tracking and monitoring solution designed BGE and Senior Phase.
Every aspect has been designed to be completely tailored to your school.

Better insight, better control

An experienced Education Identity Adviser will work with you to align Progress to your school's mission and values, whilst ticking the boxes you need to tick for your authority and HMIE.

With online access for your team and (optionally) pupils and parents, every aspect of Progress can be tailored to your school's needs for every member of your school community - and we do all the customisation work for you.

Take back control, get in touch today

Schedule a callback with an experienced Education Identity Advisor and find out how Progress can help you control and define tracking and monitoring in your school.

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